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This is the t3 Directory for our entire network.

The Directory

  ▼   Hello and welcome to the t3 Directory. This page houses all the links throughout our network. As it's a very large network some links may be single page links, some may be category links as is needed.

The Tiger Den our free online forums - many fun and active topics in our forums that also allow guest posting
The Lifetao Lifestyle our approach to a good balanced lifestyle - this is based on a Grey Jedi tradition
The t3mvp our free community verified coding standard (MVC* based) - a self-hosted document as well as an external PDF document if preferred
The Jade Valley format our self-hosted web app for the website - this our app (full website) with many bells and whistles but requires javascript
The News Reel format our default/legacy format - supports devices from about mid 90s (~ IE5+)
  • Latest Updates:
  • 9 NOV 2022, 1.58 PM
    Sorry for the delay folks. I'm spending most of my time right now re-writing and polishing the LLM (Lifetao Lifestyle Manual) and it's very difficult because it's a "primer" AKA smaller version of the t3M or The Tiger Tribe's Manual. There hasn't been any real delays though...more minor setbacks...as work is still getting done. I hope to have the final draft completed for discourse no later than 1 DEC 2022. Once the LLM is finished we can focus more on the website for any new comers. And to the new folk, believe me when I say I know how this page looks and the vast amount of time moving from point A to point B. When I first started this project I had 2 or 3 volunteers on an off and on basis and my brain being what it is started making plans and things for them to accomplish with a bigger range and scope and I think after time I just scared them off heh. But I still got the plans and chumming them out on my own. I am keeping this up as an honest record of events so everyone can be on the same sheet of music. Soon my friends, soon. Jadetiger.
  • 9/15/2022 12.23pm
    We now have a complete seperation of concerns between F-NR and F-JV. As a reminder F-NR is our News Reel format and is meant to be accessible to most any device from the late 1990's on. Our F-JV format uses javascript and is a self-hosted app of the website here. F-JV will be using Vue JS 2 and Javascript 2.

    Firefox 1.0 is our minimum base/platform which is big for us. We also have a windows version link of it available should anyone need such a thing. And with this decision we now have a good solid foundation.

    More updates likely on Sunday and Monday when Neojade has some days off from work.

    Some finalizations to note: Directory (homepage), and Tiger Den's forum list and topic list are now complete in form. Next major project is more database work and finalizing the topic/thread page.
  • 9/14/2022 3.37pm
    [Neojade] I have the day off tomorrow! Wew! Gonna get a lot of the leg work done tomorrow. Up to and possibly including the database even. Literally got a 4 pack of Java Monsters so you know I really mean it haha.
  • Hey folks, my latest job has me being pulled into the role/function of "fix-it guy" so additional hours, training, all the odds and ends have been brought on my shoulders for the last couple months. It has readjusted my attitude on some things and ultimately just reinforced my thoughts on Balance. Today is 8/28/2022 and I am hoping that on my days off I am going to do the work to hopefully get this website live mid-September. Sorry for the delays but it is back to being just me [volunteers have all said they prefer to work on their own personal projects now] and you all know how my brain likes to think of the million what-if scenarios before I make a decision on anything. I will keep at it folks and for those doing the daily check-in, this about the best I can give you right now. Oh and I got a few hooked on a MVC* or MVP* type layout and how it just works better than pure functional/OOP programming so there's that. :)

"Hello and welcome my friend. This page is a directory of links for our network. It may change from time to time." NOTE: We are still in development. Previous ETA was 1 May 2022.

Update: 13 JUN 2022. Lost my 2 volunteers to summer break. Can't blame them. Still writing the lifetao book. Going to have a public link for it asap (probably 2 months-ish.) Wish I had better updates but got a lot on the ole plate right now. ~ Neojade

Update2: Multiple folks are asking for a concrete definition for t3mvp now that it's official! New live date is officially Monday, 13 JUN 2022. Working out some minor tweaks to the website and the t3mvp format to allow this all to happen gracefully. Sorry for the delays.

Update: power was out with the storms yesterday so pushing for a monday night pizza party release. :)

Sorry for the delays! We'll be working this saturday and sunday for the launch of the network. It's versioning will start at 0.3.0 with more descriptive information by this Sunday at the latest (5 JUN 2022)." ~ Tiger.Ai